Ann Dotter Shurtz shares knowledge gained from nearly 50 years of teaching children
Secrets of Teaching Piano:
How to Teach Very Young Children to Play
The course contains 9 lessons that teach you:

-How to show the child at the first meeting that they can play easily and have fun.

-How to teach so that children feel confident and happy.

-Exactly what to teach in each of the songs and several ways to do that. Videos of actual lessons included!

-How to help children understand music notation in logical ways that make sense to very young minds.

-Things you need to know to set up your business--who, where, when, how much and why.

-Teaching tips to get you through the first 13 songs in the book. It is typical for a child to take 6 months or a year to get through those songs. Additional songs are included as a bonus -- in the book, in the audio recordings, and in the videos. I am working on a supplementary course to cover those songs. 
The lessons are based on my book 
"First Folk Songs for Children" 
used and tested by my fellow teachers for over 15 years. 

A copy of the book is included with the course and will be mailed to you. You will also receive links to download or stream the audio recordings that accompany the book. Your students who purchase the book will also receive the audio recordings.
The book First Folk Songs for Children with a PDF version you can download immediately.

Companion audio recordings of every song in the book. 

Videos of every song and variation in the entire book are included so that you can SEE hand position and fingering, and know exactly how each song should be played.

Videos and advice on how to teach parents!

Tips and practicing advice from mothers and teachers. 
You will hear from:
- A mother currently teaching her own 5 year old child using strategies she remembers from her own lessons with me as a child.

- A mother of a 4 year old who has magic in her ideas for getting the youngest children to cooperate and learn.

- Mothers of children of current beginners ranging in age from 4 to 7, on practicing, listening and other insights and discoveries. 

- Mothers with years of experience working with their own children.
Secrets of Teaching Piano


  • Video Course: Includes 9 lessons, covering the first meeting with the parent and child, setting studio policies, introducing the first songs, beginning note reading, and correcting problems, while helping the child feel successful and happy. 
  • Printed Book: First Folk Songs for Children  
  • Companion audio files: Download or stream
  • Community support in a private Facebook group: Ask questions, get advice, and interact with other piano teachers to improve your teaching. 

All for only $69!

Item Price
$45.00 (Usually $75.47)

Full 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that you will be happy with this course that I offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. 

IMPORTANT: You will need to create your course login credentials 
using the same email address that you use to purchase the course. 

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