First Folk Songs for Children

by Ann Dotter Shurtz

The printed book (includes the audio files): This beginner piano book starts with the easiest songs for small children, and progresses gradually to add duet parts played by a teacher or parent, then to add simple chords for playing with two hands. The child starts playing by ear, and is introduced to notes on the page when ready. Most of the songs are presented in two versions--one with the melody played by the right hand alone, and another with a left hand accompaniment. The songs are printed with simple lyrics to aid in memorization. Some songs may have two or three different sets of lyrics, which can be used at different times depending on a student's readiness.

Companion audio recordings for the piano course include all three versions of each song--melody only, melody with duets or chords, and a third version with singing. All three albums will come zipped into a single file to download. You can also stream the audio on YouTube.

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ONE TIME OFFER: Companion video recordings show an overhead view of each song being played on the piano. These videos will show you fingerings and hand position, and are especially useful for a parent who does not already play the piano.

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