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If you can play the piano, 
YOU can start TEACHING 

You may think you don't know enough to teach.
step by step in nine easy lessons. 
(and you only need to be a few steps 
ahead of your students at first!) 
You may think children need to wait until they can read to begin piano lessons, but I have found that starting children as young as 4 or 5 is better! 

They learn really fast and are eager and happy to learn! And they become brilliant, confident students in school!

I can show you how to teach young beginners! 
It's not hard to learn! It's fun! 

Anyone with a love of children, basic knowledge of the piano, and determination can learn how to teach! 
See how easily a young child can learn! This was a first meeting with child and mother before the first lesson.
This is the same child in his sixth lesson. He has learned to play eight songs already! (Don't worry, he will improve his wrist position over time.)
In less than five months this same student has completed the book and is actually reading amazingly well!

In this course I show you how to:

1. Meet your prospective students and their parents for the first time, and teach them the first song (or maybe two!) to get them excited about playing the piano.

2. Get my book First Folk Songs for Children with the downloadable audio recordings.

3. Teach the songs in a way that gets your students to really listen and think and be instantly successful.

4. Teach parents how to help their children learn and even learn to play piano as their child learns!

5. Get the answers to important questions about teaching: who, where, when, how much and why!

6. Get ongoing community support with a private Facebook group, to help answer any questions you may have as you progress in your teaching.
I have been helping others learn to teach for many years. Here are a few piano teachers I have mentored.
"A few years ago, I enrolled my three children in piano lessons with Ann Shurtz. I was so impressed with the way she taught not only her students but the parents too. After observing Ann, she asked if I would like to teach piano lessons. With Ann as my mentor, I decided to start training under her supervision and have loved teaching in my own home studio ever since. Ann is an impressive mentor with many years of experience."
Kim Coler
"You will learn more than just how to be a good teacher! 

"Mrs. Shurtz’s experience with children is incredible. Whether your students want to learn to play cute little songs for their families, or they have shown potential for advanced study, Mrs. Shurtz will guide you to create a personalized teaching style that best serves your community. The course is full of enthusiasm and love for the children. You will enjoy her positive energy, humor and kindness, and be ready to become a creative adventurer in your teaching journey."
Dr. Yu-Ting Hsu
"Anyone who is interested in teaching young children should train with Ann! As a former student of Ann's (and now a colleague), I have experienced her passion for music and teaching firsthand. She has guided me from the beginning of my Suzuki teaching journey and her knowledge has been extremely helpful to my own piano teaching as well!"
Rachel Rennels
I have had wonderful success starting children at a very young age.  This course will teach you my secrets, and prepare you so YOU can:
- Inspire young minds!
- Set your own schedule!
- Work from home!
- Teach your own children!
- Increase your income!
- Share your love of music!
These former students are now teaching piano!
"I always wanted my children to take lessons from Mrs. Shurtz but we live too far away. Taking this course has allowed me to fulfill this dream from a distance. We watch her videos, talk about her during lessons and listen to her play so in a way they are taking lessons from Mrs. Shurtz through me. 

"When I started this course, I was nervous because my 5 year old often resists learning something new when I am the teacher, but I have been pleasantly surprised. We began by listening to the recordings and talking about playing and then progressed to learning a new song, bit by bit. My child was unsure at first and a bit resistant but now he plays independently multiple times a day. He loves to play for his dad and will ask us to record it to send to his grandparents. He is proud of himself and genuinely enjoys playing. I am in awe of his little brain and the music he creates."
Autumn Hilsinger
"When I first came to Mrs. Shurtz, I was a diligent, aspiring pianist on the verge of disappointment because of the technical difficulties that hindered my progress. Not only has she adjusted my hand technique in ways that have unlocked the extent of classical repertoire for me, but she has been like a grandma to me, enabling and encouraging me into places I doubtless otherwise would not have gone. Because of her I not only play well, but have also pursued Suzuki Teacher Training, received scholarships and several years of organ training, performed concertos with an orchestra, launched my own piano teaching studio, and much more. Wherever I go in music or life, family, career, or ministry, Mrs. Shurtz will remain a legend, not to mention a dear friend to whom I am profoundly indebted and grateful!"
Madison Reinford
"I have known Ann for 30+ years. She started teaching our 5 year old son piano lessons and I loved the way she taught! Ann encouraged me to start teaching piano lessons. It is because of her influence that I have been teaching piano since that time. She also taught our daughter and guided her to become an outstanding pianist. She continues to be a most helpful resource for me in my teaching. I highly recommend her course for Teaching Piano to Very Young Children!"
Jamie Hanselman
"I started taking piano lessons about 12 years ago. If you had told me then that someday I would be a teacher myself, no doubt I would have laughed. But here I am, teaching piano to 6 students and actually enjoying it! And that is all thanks to Ann Shurtz. She pushed me to do things that seemed impossible, encouraged me to perform with excellence, and ultimately made learning a fun experience. I still remember my very first lesson with her. I had just switched from a very orthodox teacher, so when I showed up at Mrs. Shurtz' studio and we began the lesson with chasing a rabbit out of her garden, I just knew that I was going to love her! And now I try to be that same teacher to my students, making piano a great experience for all ages, and hopefully inspiring them to pass what they're learning on to others, just like I've done to them."
Torrey Reinford
These are some of my students who taught during high school.
"Mrs. Shurtz is a wonderful teacher. I began to take lessons with her as a middle schooler and was so motivated by her obvious enthusiasm for music and her wonderful teaching methods that help every student succeed. My very first teaching experience was in high school under Mrs. Shutz's guidance, and from that I was inspired to continue pursuing music education. Learning how to teach in high school gave me a solid foundation that I've been able to draw from during my further education. Mrs. Shurtz is such a wonderful resource for anyone who is looking to improve or begin their teaching experience."
Sydney Harper
"I was privileged to train under Mrs. Shurtz’s extensive experience from a young elementary student up until young adulthood. Working with her gave me the the confidence and ability to play the piano, along with providing me opportunities to teach other young students myself! I’d recommend working with her if you want a flexible, mentally stimulating, and financially rewarding experience."
Joe Engel
"Learning piano has given me so many invaluable opportunities. One experience from my piano career that has been particularly influential in my life is the opportunity I had to teach piano to young students of my own. In just two years of teaching, I learned how to interact with young kids and their parents, to prepare lesson plans and manage my time, to budget my money with a new source of income, and to appreciate piano with a new perspective. Being a piano teacher has been one of the best experiences from my high school years and I am so grateful that I was able to do something I love and learn so much from it!"
Sarah Engel
“Mrs. Shurtz is a dynamic, sparkling pianist who genuinely cares about her students. She creates joy through teaching - if you're curious about piano, or the world of piano pedagogy, you've found your teacher! I studied with Mrs. Shurtz from childhood through early adulthood, teaching young students in high school and eventually winning a full piano scholarship to attend WVU. Thanks to her years of guidance, I was able to pay my rent as a graduate student living abroad with just an afternoon of teaching - not to mention, it's fun!” 
Amy Cheung
“I was incredibly lucky to be taught for 14+ years by Mrs. Shurtz, not only about the piano but as a mentor for life. She instilled the value of hard work and passion in me and set me up on a path to be successful in life. I’m now at PT school at Duke. The best part of Mrs. Shurtz’s teaching style is how she expects so much more out of you than you could ever imagine yourself achieving. But, with her guidance, support, and encouragement, you are able to reach those incredibly high levels of performance. Because of my years of studying piano under Mrs. Shurtz, I had the skills and confidence to take on a few students of my own in high school. This gave me the chance to discover my passion for working with children as well as earn some extra cash. I will recommend Mrs. Shurtz and her piano teaching forever!” 
Noelle Dominguez Cedeno
I have taught many teachers and 
hundreds of students over 50 years. 

Many of my students--high school students, 
parents, retired friends, grandmothers--have become piano teachers. Some have just a few students, and for others it is their major source of income! 
It is FUN and SO REWARDING to help the little ones LEARN and FEEL GREAT about what they can do!

You may be wondering...
what if I have questions?

The course will help you every step of the way. My experience will save you years of trial and error.

You will have access to a private Facebook group where I or one of the experienced teachers I have trained will answer questions. You will be able to interact with other teachers who are learning to teach, so that you can share information with each other.

If you are not sure yet:

Take a look at a 
sample of the course--

Ann Dotter Shurtz is passionate about teaching young children to play the piano, and has been teaching for almost 50 years. Her students have earned many local and national awards and even performed at Carnegie Hall! She has studied with several fine piano teachers, and has taught and influenced many teachers who now have their own studios.
 She has often started students as young as 4 years old playing by ear. She is excited to share her knowledge and teaching expertise with other pianists, teachers, and parents who may want to teach their own children.
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